The Art

Creativity comes in so many different forms and we want to see what you’re working on! Just create! Woodworking, metalsmithing, painting, gardening, cooking, glassblowing, sculpture; we want to see it all. Please post your creations and view other creations on this nonjudgmental platform.

Return to Your Roots

We were born to create. That’s a fact. Take a second to watch a
young child in the creative process. Whether drawing, coloring,
building, or digging each one of these kids expresses an
unabashed sense of pride and ownership in their work despite the
judgment of others. Ashes2Art works on getting first responders
back in touch with that nonjudgemental space of creativity where
the process is meditative and the product is amazing just because
it was made by our own hands.

Wellness Tips

By processing our stress daily, we can create a healthier path for our future.

Here are some of our favorite tools to strengthen our emotional biceps and keep us fit for the long haul.


Let the images speak for themselves…Taking care of ourselves should be fun, safe, nonjudgemental, and supportive. That’s our goal!

The Mandala Challenge introduced me to the power of creativity. It’s fun and relaxing and provides a decent escape to my everyday life.” T. Swanson, FF NoVa

Supplies, Donations, Volunteers Are Always Appreciated