A.R.T. (Amygdala Regulating Techniques)

Ashes2A.R.T’s mission has been to educate and introduce first responders to the quickest and most effective methods for self-regulation. Each of these techniques has been experienced and validated by first responders to be effective for Mindful Decontamination. Due to the heightened nature of the profession first responders experience continuous dysregulation of the amygdala which is responsible for the fight, flight, or fear. This heightened state causes physiological changes which can be calmed by practicing these Amygdala Regulating Techniques (A.R.T.) daily or even weekly. Learn these techniques to use with patients and family members as needed.

Since responders are required to train physically for the job wouldn’t it make perfect sense to train mindfully since the mind and body are ONE?!! Regular practice of Mindful Decon tools will stimulate muscle memory and neuroplasticity to decrease our cumulative stress which better prepares us for acute situations as they arise. Event Havening and Deep P.E.A.T. 4 are super for processing trauma and have been successfully used with first responders for traumatic stress. Please reach out for more information on these techniques. We have discounted rates with specific Havening professionals from all over the world which ensures confidentiality. Self-havening can be found on our podcast.

Please download our Mindful Decon Handbook which was inspired and created by first responders-for first responders. Pass it along to others!