If you would like to give it, we would LOVE to receive it!

  1. Cash is always welcome and will go towards supplies, instruction, marketing, and challenge awards to responder organizations.
  2. Art supplies are always an added bonus!
  3. Specialty Art Instructors (glass blowers, forgers, woodworkers, etc.) will need to be paid eventually, and especially if this skill is taught by a first responder. The art instruction has been happily donated since A2A’s inception.
  4. One initiative of A2A is to create a sensory debriefing space at fire stations and emergency service areas. Furniture, planters, etc., are always needed!

We are so grateful for your donations!

Donations may be mailed to – Ashes2Art c/o NVEMSC, 7250 Heritage Village Plaza, Suite 102, Gainesville, VA 20155

Mid-Atlantic Regional Council of Carpenters donated an extraordinary bench to FS 32
Shout out to the Mid-Atlantic Carpenters Training Center and Home Depot for donating materials and skills for this outdoor bench. Even Wally, the first emotional support dog in the U.S., LOVES it!!