A.R.T. Techniques

Common stress reduction suggestions are to exercise, eat a healthy diet, explore nature, practice yoga, laugh, socialize, breathe, or to learn a new activity.

Ashes2Art promotes creativity as a highly beneficial and effective method to process stress and to reduce cumulative stress. Any creative act is encouraged: woodworking, metalsmithing, painting, gardening, cooking, sewing, sculpting, glassblowing, writing, music, movement, acting, or ANYTHING creative!

Research has shown that the arts significantly affect hormonal and autonomic re-regulation; reduces physiological markers associated with stress, cognitive and emotional flexibility, and neurobiological changes in immune functions; and, decrease psychological trauma and depression. In 2019, the World Health Organization reviewed 3000 studies involving the roles of the arts in health and well-being, and concluded that there was a “major role for the arts in the prevention of ill health, promotion of health, and management and treatment of illness across the lifespan.” The act of creation is a fun, cool way to counterbalance the amount of destruction we experience daily on the job as first responders. So, join us in a creative challenge or in a creative arts class to get those creative juices flowing and strengthen your resiliency the fun way!

Amygdala Regulating Techniques (A.R.T.)

Ashes2Art has compiled a video list of breathing techniques to assist in re-regulation and balance at a deeper level. These are great tools to put into your wellness toolbox as a daily routine or to access when desired.


We have been successfully exploring the use  of a deeper version of P.E.A.T. (DP4 ) to safely address images and experiences that are reoccurring from difficult calls. Please reach out for more information on this useful tool.


Peer support is a crucial and necessary support system for our well-being. It only makes sense to reach out first to trained fellow responders who understand the perils and stresses of our job.  Since peer support isn’t available everywhere, Ashes2Art is developing a consistent and universal platform for first responders to be able to reach out to trained peer support as needed. We want to be here for you when you need us.